Tuesday, July 19, 2005

No Limit... TO THE LIMIT!!!

I thought that would be a nice cheeseball title.

Anyways, i'm sticking with NL still. Playing $25NL online and i'm recently stuck $234 at the casino 1/2 NL game overall. Bah. Online is going pretty well. Took my first poke at $50NL and was immediately struck with the difference in the game with aggression levels. I had a guy re-raise my raise twice in a row (very agg. player so far). I re-re-raised with A9s and he called with all his chips with KJ. Hmm. Well, i guess that's one way to play the game. That was certainly a loose play for me, but I felt I was being beaten upon and was glad to take his money with the best of it.

I think i'm going to have to grow some bigger balls to be able to throw money around with more abandon which is necessary. I'm already an aggressive player, but when I get to the point where I can push with rags based on my read, i've taken my game up a level.

NoSkillz continues to learn the game as well, and is progressing in his reads and chip-action. I think i'll move up before he does, but I dont expect he'll take long to follow.

Already read Ace on The River by Barry Greenstein -- VERY excellent book if you're looking to become a poker pro. There is some hand-advice but the majority of the book relates to the psychology and culture of the game. I've put Harrington on Hold'em before HoH2 -- the way it should be done. I really enjoy the thinking behind some of the 'moves' he's advocating, but I dont think some of it's applicable to the SSNL games yet. When I move up to $100NL I expect to be able to use the trickier stuff.

Toast out.


dave said...

That seems like big money to me. I would need a big roll of money to play like that!

Toast said...


Nah, this is no big deal, but learning the game i played smaller limits even. Pokerstars has a game where you can play no limit for $2 max buy-in.. that's cost effective! Basically there's a game out there for everyone's comfort level and I've fortunately progressed to where i'm willing to play for more money than I would have 1 year ago.

Ask me a year ago if i'd ever play a game of poker for $200 buy-in and i'd say never, now it's no big deal. Confidence in your game helps overcome the initial sticker shock and that is accomplished through playing and starting to trust yourself.

Good luck.


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