Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Bankroll

Well, it's time to find out where I stand with online poker once again. Last night was a $40 win at $50NL over a few hundred hands, so thats ok.


Party: $1053.78
Stars: $317.92
TOTAL: $1371.70

Since last update:
18 days of play

Well, that $400 downswing sucked hard but at least i'm climbing back into the saddle.

Seriously considering going back to the casino again shortly to try and make a bit of quick non-online cash. You know when I carry my watch and over 250 in cash that i'm considering playing b&m again :)


dave said...

The way some of you posts a few ago read I though you were way behind. That sure doesn't look bad at all.

Toast said...

Yeah i could see that. I suppose the trouble is that $400 out of $1400 is a large portion of it, so at the time that was a bit scary as far as having to reload. Winning a bit back this last while certainly helps.

I'd hate to start over, basically.