Friday, August 05, 2005

Ouch! At least I can grin about it...

Wow havent had a beat like this in a while. Get's pretty spensive at NL too. Surprising thing is i'm not pissed. BAD BEAT POST AHEAD

Playing $50NL @ Party

Maniac has $43, I have $37

Extreme LAG sits down at the table and proceeds to raise his first 5 hands to 6xBB.

Pocket Aces to me on the button, and I limp to the LAG. LAG raises to $2, one caller, I bump to $8 and just the LAG and I see the flop.

Flop is 8 T K rainbow

Maniac pushes, I insta-call.

Turn is 7

River is 9

Maniac flips over KJs and I lose to a runner runner straight.

I actually had to run that one through cardplayer to see the odds on losing it. I was a 4:1 favorite. Bah.

Oh well, that's poker. Thankfully I'm bankrolled properly for this level. Yeesh.



I actually dropped another buy-in a hundred hands after that first one. This time when an Aggressive player played back at my KK on a QTx flop, I called his raise. Turn is a 10, he bets 15, I push he calls with AT. Ugh. Guess i should have pushed the flop if i was going to do that.

Just dropped yet another buy-in at another table (yow) when my set of 6's ran into a set of Kings on the flop. Ugh.

Fortunately, i'm up a little bit on my other table, 35 or so. Cards are rough on me at the moment.

Here's my stats today so far:

6-max NL50
Hands: 392
VP$IP: 28.83%
Pre-Flop Raise: 11.05%
Won $ WSF: 28.91
Went to SD: 17.19
Won $ at SD: 13.64

NOTE THE WON $ AT SD NUMBER. Jesus. It's not like i'm taking too many hands to the river or anything but holy crap. Thankfully i'm in a pretty good mood else this would really put me in a bad mood today.

As of 6:05, i'm down $125



UPDATE 7:01pm

Well, its officially the worst day i've ever had at the tables. Flop top set, lose to a straight that never bet. Flop middle set, lose to top set. Holy crap, variance came knocking today and of course it had to be on 50NL instead of the usual 25NL.

I'm calling it quits for the day. In 524 hands (yes, that's it) I dropped $173.27.

I should post a few of these on 2+2 to see where i could improve. Unfortunately my fun mood is gone after the continuous beats. Yikes. Never been here before, and it's not fun to drop that much that quickly.


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