Monday, August 08, 2005

An Interesting Turnaround in Poker & Golf

Well, this weekend was officially weird. Starting with my Friday steep downswing at the NL50 game, I chased that Sunday with a $75 drop again. So, we'll just round off the weekend to be -$250 on the petty bankroll.

Times like these make me step back and consider how I could better have played, and the answer of course is to understand the game better to make less mistakes. So, yesterday evening I sat in a lounge chair in the gf's back yard and polished off Harrington On Hold'em Episode I. A great book. One thing that really stood out that differed between the book and my current game is the concept of building a big pot without enough information on the opponent's holding -- bad news. In my NLHE so far, I tend to bet pot or close to it when I think i'm leading, but the difference between pot and half pot is huge. In theory I should glean as much information from a half pot bet as I do from a pot bet, as a half pot bet will not give a single opponent odds to draw at either straights or flushes against me discounting implied odds. I suppose I tend to be over-aggressive in these situations though. That is to say, my continuation bets are often pot sized and should be cut down to save me money. I'm really enjoying Harrington's conservative style selective aggression , and I think it could be directly usable in the smaller NLHE games online. Obviously moving up you're going to have much better players playing a lot more of the deck and that has to be adapted to with better hand reading, but at the 100 and under it's often been said that playing the nuts most of the time is the way to go.

Anyways, down a bunch in Hold'em land. I'll fight back this week and see where it goes.

GOLF is another story.

I've actually got somewhat of a golf game back now. Hows that for amazing? Was 76 and 77 this weekend with a couple of bad holes in there. Made a few putts, hit a few decent drives, nothing was great, but everything was OK. Too bad I didnt have this last weekend for the club championship. One of our club pros suggested that I go for a session on their preferred clubmaker's launch monitor to reshaft my driver. Since it tends to get a little bit all over the place -- still long though.

Driver is a Cobra SS440.


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