Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bonus Cleared At Stars, Whew!

Damn that took forever. Played stars 1/2 to clear that 500FPP for my $100 bonus and it just went on and on and on. I didnt pay attention to see what constitutes a FPP hand, but damn it took a lot of them to make $100. Maybe when i'm up to 2/4 or some real limit it wont be so difficult. Anyways, cashed out $700 from stars to move it back to Party as I'm planning to start playing 50NL a bit more, and possibly 1/2 who knows.

The 1/2 game at stars seemed like a grind, though I was not catching much in the way of cards. One time my aces ran into KK with a K on the flop and river. One guy c/rd the river on me, I figured he just didnt have the K since he didnt raise PF but hey, tricky tricky worked for him. Through a very short sample at 1/2 (<1k hands) i'm winning at 1.06BB/100 which basically means NOTHING. Yesterday I was losing most of the day and came back up to only be down around 10BB for 500 hands. Starting to get used to the increased cashflow moving around, and i'm certain I can beat the game but it's just so boring compared to NL these days.

That said, i've been re-reading SS2's NL section and getting through HoH1 (about half way). A lot of stuff makes sense, but I dont think I can quite apply doyle's approach at the NL limits I play.

I think i'm going to start updating my bankroll on here, as it's relevant to anyone caring to follow my progress through poker-land. It started at $100.00 many moons ago.

Current Bankroll: $1458.07


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