Monday, August 22, 2005

Wow, I went pretty deep in a big multi-table tourney

I have no idea why I don't play these more often. I think it's mainly due to the fact that I can money usually but not deep enough to make profit that justifies the 3-4 hours of play to get there. I suppose I should just open MTT and do other work at the same time to make it less boring. Really its pretty boring until near the money in my opinion.

Anyways, last night I decided to play a $3+0 stars MTT with 1845 other people. Doubled up the first hand with a set against an idiot with a small overpair to the board. I suppose people don't care much about $3. I can see why I guess. Anyways, i cruised along at about average chips the whole tournament. Never made a huge move up, and never scraped the bottom until the end. I placed 16th out of 1846 which isnt too shabby and made a whopping $41.54 back. I suppose that's better than minimum wage for the 4 hours it took but hey, it's fun right?

Near the end, blinds were 3k/6k with 300 ante and I had 20k. Red-zone if I ever saw it. So basically I was pushing or folding of course. I pushed and picked up the huge blinds and antes to make it to T$30k, then doubled through with AT v KJ to T$60k, then again to T$100k or so. This was still below the then 150k average with around 20 people left. In the BB I had the major chipleader to my right with 500k or so. Folded to us in the blinds, he raises to $40k (obviously he's going to pound me with that sort of chiplead) and I pushed in for my $100k with 88. He held ATs so we had ourselves a little coin flip and I came out on the short end.

All in all, i got my money in with the best of it every time I entered a pot, so I'm happy about that. I think I could stand to start playing more LAG in the mid-late stages as everyone's usually tight at that point but totally depends on chipcount. I was pretty happy... too bad I didnt make $1240 for 1st but there's always next time.

I think I might play a few more of these. Lots of dead money in the early stages to build a stack with and the payouts arent too bad given my meagre bankroll of $1200 or so currently.

Actually thought I had a shot at final table if I doubled through the last hand... *sigh*. Yes, definately must play more tournaments. I'm starting to "get" this NL thing.


I made a big laydown at $50NL yesterday as well. Flopped a set of deuces and laid them down to a really tight straightforward player. Still feels weird, even wrong, but hey, its my read. I've never done that before so this is news to me. If I was right, i'm a better player for being able to put that to sleep. If i'm wrong, i'm a weakie... but again, against 99% of low limit players I'd never lay that down. It was weird.

Thats it for today, thanks for reading.

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