Monday, August 08, 2005

Ok... Now I'm Upset...

I'm losing my bankroll VERY quickly right now and I'm starting to have serious trouble with it. I realize variance in cards is normal, but I'm going through buy-ins like they're candy right now. I'm getting decent starting cards, but when the big pots are played i'm on the ass end constantly right now. I'm even purposely playing smaller pots but to no avail. Here's a few from tonight, judge for yourself, dear reader. All 6-max

Two hands almost identical, check it.

I'm dealt A-7s and limp. Flop is 77K rainbow. Villain bets $0.75, idiot calls, I call. Turn is 4h, villain checks, idiot bets $2, I call $2, Villain raises to $6, Idiot calls, I push, Villain Calls
He shows 44 for the turned boat.

I'm dealt A7 and limp. Flop is 727. I bet, call, call. Turn is 8, I bet $3, villain pushes, I call. Villain shows 22 for the flopped boat.

I'm dealt A5s and limp. Flop is 327 rainbow. Villain bets 1, I call, idiot calls. Turn is a beautiful 4. Villain bets $2, I raise to $8, villain calls $5. River is a 7, villain bets $20 (the pot), I call. Of course, he shows 22 for a rivered boat.

I flop a set, he flops a straight. I hit TPTK, he makes a set. I have an overpair, he makes a set. I have aces, he rivers his flush (against odds of course). I make two pair, he makes a set. I have aces, he flops 88x with J8o.

Ugh... sorry just frustrated I know its bad form to talk about beats. I just cant win right now. I'm down $150 for the day, $310 in the past week, and $402 in the last 4 days. That leaves the bankroll rather low, and I'm going to have to grind it out at 25NL until things turn around because 50 will bust the roll entirely.

In the past 4 days, I've played 1500 hands, losing $402 at both limits, VP$IP is 27.16, PFR is 9.29, AF is 3.04, Won $ When Saw Flop is 30.50, Went to SD is 19.96, Won $ At SD is 28.70. That last number tells it all.

I've never lost like this and i'm shaken. I dont feel like i'm misplaying these much but i'll check a few at 2+2 of course. I always feel better to admit or find out where i made a bad play instead of just doubting myself.

Wish me luck at surviving this with a playable roll.


dave said...

I really enjoyed idiot!

Matt said...

Yoh! Greetings from Boulder!!

Man, you must miss me up there! See what happens when I'm not around!!! That's MY money you're losing!!!

Seriously, keep the chin up. You're a good player going through a rough spell. See ya in a few...