Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Call me The Grinder

No, i'm not Mike Mizrachi (sp?), he wouldn't play limits this low and crappy.

Golf this weekend consisted of a couple of awful rounds at my regular club. There's something fundamental about my golf swing that's wrong right now. I think most of it can be fixed with tempo but my setup and everything feels different every time. Might have to take a lesson or at least bring a camera out and tape it so I can see whats really up. The driver is O.K. but the irons are junky. I'm hitting a lot of balls fat, particularly out of the rough (which is crazy long). My handicap is going up up up and deserves to be.

On the other hand, my poker game has been picking up again. I'm playing 1/2 6-max limit right now trying to build up a bankroll. I'll likely flip back to NL shortly but for the moment the games seem easy enough. Took a shot at 2/4 6-max yesterday though I am far, far under bankrolled for it currently. I didn't feel outclassed but the swings of 6-max scared me back until i've got a bit more cash.

2-tabled 1/2 6m last night for a few hours. After starting well, i went on a downswing that was just nuts. Couple of fish at the table who play a huge number of hands went on a string of catching when I had big cards. At one point I was down 40BB (keep in mind i'm playing with a 220BB b/r right now) but grinded it back to finish down $1 after ~500 hands. That feels like a win after the beats I took and that's motivating to me.

I've GOT to get out of these limits, UGH! It feels crappy to be concerned about being down a hundo because I'm too arrogant to load my account with my own money.

I suppose i've always been of the mind with poker that the bad players should build my bankroll rather than supplying it from my real bank account. I think that keeps me back from what I really should be focusing on -- winning more money.

I will continue to take shots at higher games with smaller bankrolls because frankly I'm playing well below where I should be. Will likely move to NL to lower the variance as I do this -- something like a 10Buy-in bankroll should do. I refuse to play that 25NL game anymore tho... won't change games till i'm playing higher.

Onward and upward, folks.

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