Monday, May 29, 2006

Swinging Badly At Both Games

So, yeah folks, still can't hit a golf ball consistantly well. I'm learning a lot about the golf swing these days however.

An interesting thing happened this weekend at the club...

Young kid approaches me near the 10th tee this wearing typical golf attire -- he couldn't have been more than 7 years old. He looks up, points in the direction of the tee blocks and says "Is that Tiger Woods?". I looked up to see Matty "NoSkillz" launching one down the fairway. I patted the kid on the head and said, "Yes son, yes it is".

He's that f'in good folks! Go read his blog and be dazzled by how a luckbox rule bending hack can turn the golf world on its head and make a run for the PGA Tour. Well, maybe just the local mens golf circuit but hey thats not bad for a luckbox getting on in years. That luckbox has won $58 off me this month on the tables so i'm not too happy.

Poker's been swinging up and down too. Up to $550, then bam bam bam suckout stream at $50NL and im back to limit for a while. Limit's so damn predictable at these pathetic limits it's almost worth it to avoid the tilt factor. It swings hard for sure (6-max) but not like when you lose 4-5 buyins at NL on a 10-buyin BankRoll.

Anyways, i'm back at a comfortable spot so hopefully i'll get the hell out of these podunk limits in a near future post.

Harry mentioned this weekend that he loves reading my blog posts and has a good laugh due to my goofy style. I salute you Harry, I think you're the only sad sonofabitch that reads this piece of shit and you even admitted it.

Coming soon to Golf + Poker, a world exclusive series:

Sweater Vests: For Secret Handshaking MotherFuckers Only?

As part of our crack reporting team, we will interview the single largest consumer of Sweater Vests in North America, Mr. Matty "NoSkillz".

When I was a kid I used to beat up kids who dressed like Matty does now so it will be interesting to hear what he has to say.

I like tacos.


Harris said...

I don't think I would make as much fun of the sweater vest, if I wasn't so jealous of his game. I wanna be, I wanna be, like Matt, Like Matt, if I could be like mAtt.

Harris said...

I wish i was as good as matt. I think I need a sweater vest.

Matt said...

If I'm the largest buyer of sweater vests in North America, then I'm in BIG TROUBLE because the wonderful sweater vest makers will have to go out of business!

I only have two!

But I have the advantage, knowing that my core temperature is nice and toasty as opposed to you non-sweater vest wearing fools who freeze their butts off and play like crap.

I sleep well knowing that the winnings I make off you two go towards another sweater vest purchase! ;)