Friday, May 12, 2006

Goofy Weekend Upcoming

Well, mother's day weekend typically cuts short my golf on Sunday as my family tends to get together at the yacht club for brunch after starting the morning with Caesars at my aunt's condo. Oh I feel so rich and famous... oh buffy... so yeah I think Sunday i'll be lucky to squeeze in 9 holes in the AM with the boys.

Today (Friday) and Saturday were supposed to suck weather-wise but it seems fine so far. Let's cross the fingers and hope I can get a bit of golf in.

On the poker front, one of my clients has been in contact with me about getting a private game going. Something like a $50 or $100 tournament, or perhaps some low stakes 'get drunk and have fun' poker. Hopefully I can get a few interested parties for one of those events in the relatively near future.

In the technology arena, yours truly has a brand spanking new Macbook Pro for work purposes. This lets me rededicate my dell notebook to almost exclusively poker playing. That is, unless I drop the rest of my online money shortly which looks relatively likely. Down 6 buyins at 25NL... hmm... i've got to wonder...

Flip flopping these days between 25nl 6-max and 1/2 6-max limit online. Goofy fun either way, but i'm getting tired of playing these piddly limits. Might have to open up the bank account and load some cash back into online poker before the 5-way flops drive me to drink.

If the weather blows, i'll go play some live poker this weekend we'll see.

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