Monday, May 08, 2006

This Weekend in Golf and Poker - May 6,7 2006

Saturday was dead for golf as there was opening day on at the golf club so the boys and I couldn't have our normal Sat game.

In line with my previous blog post about getting back into poker, I decided to take some cash down to Casino Niagara and try to catch a game around noon. Sat down at a 1/2, whipped out a redbird ($5er) expecting to pay time when I noticed that they STOPPED TAKING TIME at 1/2 and changed it to $2 flop and 10% to max $5. Hmm... this is good. Against the loosies at 1/2NL here I'm usually apt to play the good cards and dump the crap anyways, so not paying rake when I'm not catching cards is seriously a good thing.

Sat there for around 4 hours, raised PF with some good hands, missed the flop, c/b'd and got pushed on a few times and had to fold em. Hmm... good way to burn money but when the cards don't fall your way what the heck can you do? I'm down to $55 of my original $100 and pretty bored to boot. It's raised to $8, two calls, I call in CO with 5c6c and take 5-way flop. Flop is 6-4-6 and show tunes go off in my head as Vince Van Patten would say. The PF raiser leads for $20 into a now $40 pot. Folded to me and I consider flat-calling but figure he can't lay down for another $25 on top of this with any overpair so I jam. He calls and shows QQ and my hand holds up. I'm up $40 and proceed to see cheap flops and pay blinds but can't connect with any other board but that one. I get my victory chocolate milkshake on the way home and am generally happy that i'm back into poker again.

Sunday at the golf course was TOUGH but I kept a good attitude. I could NOT keep the ball in the fairway (or out of trees for that matter) and had a whopping, awful, 5 double bogeys on the front. I kid you not. Could not play worse... It's impossible. Then, of course, I play OK on the back and bogey the last two for 38. 48/38. Yeah, i'm good. 4 handicap my ass.

On the weight-loss front, I'm still sticking to my diet which is getting far easier now. For me, i'm a portion control guy. When i start eating big, i keep eating big. But, now that i've cut down portions considerably I don't get hungry often and it's generally for the right sorts of foods. 11 or 12 lbs in the last 3 weeks is pretty good in my books. The nice thing about being able to eat decent portions is you can technically eat whatever the hell you want without having trouble. This morning my scale says 220-221 (can't tell) and I think it's 5 heavy (its from denver colorado if that makes a difference -- adjustment due to altitude) so i'm likely 215-216. Still too heavy but very much on my way to where I want to be (195-200 sounds about right given my build).

That's it folks. Oh, joke I heard at the tables on Saturday. Old guy to my right tells it to a female Toronto lawyer two to my left.

q. Why do women get belly button rings?
a. So they'll have some place to hang their air freshener.

ba dum bump cheeee.

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