Sunday, May 14, 2006

Not the best weekend in G+P history...

Friday I played 9 holes with Matty and Gerry at the club. It was smooth sailing and a good time in general though I did not hit the ball particularly well. Following that we grabbed a bite to eat, and he decided that he would like to go to the casino. Of course, I never turn down the opportunity to play poker with people I actually know (though i have no interest in taking his money like I do the other schmucks at the tables). We head over to Fallsview which is typically higher limit than i've played before. They're spreading 3/6, 6/12, 5/5nl, 5/10nl, and 10/20nl. Since I wasnt carrying 5k cash on me, I put my name on 3/6, 6/12 and the interest list for 1/2nl. Matty's not a nl cash fan since he's been beaten like a red headed stepchild ever since he started but I tried to convince him to join. Nope. I sat a dealer, lost a whopping $30 and we decided to head over to Niagara since its no fun to go play cards and only have one of us playing.

At Niagara, it was busy as hell -- all 12 tables going and a list. Fortunately, most of the list were callins and we got seated at a 1/2nl table together. I told him he had to play 1/2 because 2/4 wasnt acceptable and they werent spreading 3/6. I guess all the morons like the all-in thing too much and don't appreciate the beauty which is limit hold'em. 2/4 is like hitting yourself in the forehead with a baseball bat repeatedly just for shits and giggles. Anyways, he buys for $80 and i tell him to cut it down to $50 since he's somewhat concerned about losing a buy-in in a single hand. Short stack strategy biatch. He does so, and I take my money from fallsview (all 73 remaining and sit down with it). I proceed to get sweet dandy f**k all for the whole night. Matty flopped a set and had a guy raise him with a J-high FD so he pushed and got a call. The other guy's 7 clean outs didnt come through and he actually made a hundo on the night. I on the other hand lost a whopping 85 bucks.

We leave there at 2:30, I get to sleep at 3:10 and get up Saturday morning for golf at 7am. Hmm, this is not so good an idea in hindsight. I need 7 hours or i'm screwed.

I guess the fact that I hit ONE green in reg (and 3-putted it) tells the story. Shot an 85 with one double. I guess that means I got up and down 6 times around the greens in 18 holes but 85 makes me feel like I should pick a new game to waste my time at.

Oh well, i'm sure i'll work that out. In the meantime i'm still down a whopping 6 buyins at stars and so i'm not doing well in either golf or poker. I guess them's the breaks.


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