Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm Back In The Saddle, Baby!

Waking up this morning, today seemed like every other one for me lately. Sun shining, birds chirping, and I've got to go sit in my office while people with better jobs go play golf. At least I threw on my golf clothes so I could go after work.

Upon getting in the car to drive in, I was startled to realize it is May 3rd, Day 1 of the Degree Poker Championship. You'll remember my exploits in last year's championship:

Here's where I got in

Here's a tournament recap

I won a walk-up seat that morning (just 100 seats drawn) and made it to the second last day of play and got my ugly mug on TV to boot. Sweet.

Where was I? Oh yes, so I decide on the way into the office that i'm going to duck over to Fallsview for the draw again. I hear this year they've got more players and are doing draws for 4 seperate days for some seats (which is cool).

Arriving I was a bit nervous. I never win anything and to ask for a draw to hit for me 2 years in a row... no way. Got my ticket, #8713. Ticket after ticket they pulled and the closest they came to me was 8711 which got my heart beating a bit but alas it was not to be. Drawing 125 seats for 350 people or so today made my chances pretty reasonable of getting in on paper, but luck is not my thing usually.

However, on the 89th pull from the drum... ta-freaking-da they called my number. I signed in, got my wristband, headed back to the office to make sure they're fine and had to come back to register my seat.

So, tonight I'll be playing the degree poker tournament day 1 for the second year, and I'm really hoping it goes well but as I said last year I think the chances are a bit slim that i'll make it past today. There's just too much luck involved with the blinds they're playing -- moreso than normal poker at least.

In the past year i've learned a lot more about NL hold'em (I knew almost nothing last year, was a limit player). I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing as it might make me too prone to trying to bowl over players. Probably can't play LAG today so i'll stick trying to play my cards for what they're worth.

Wish me luck. I'll report back after it's done with.


Harris said...

go get'um cal, you freaking addict.

dave said...

I'm excited about it from just reading the post so you must be real pumped. Good luck!