Tuesday, March 22, 2005

And then there were 6... at The Monday Night Game

Countdown to golf season here folks, and we had 6 at the poker game. Who knows why we had 6 instead of 11 like last week, but that's ok I enjoy a shorthanded game.

1/2 Limit:
I'm off to an early lead when my hiltons saw their reflections in the flop - quads - no action though.
Folded around when i raise UTG with JJ

Here's a folding hand -- learned my lesson from last week about letting go of TPTK - especially when its not top pair anymore.
I have AQs and raise preflop, 3 callers.
Flop is queen high, raggedy rainbows. I bet out, all call.
Turn is a K, I bet out, one call, then raise, call, and i fold. (YES I LET IT GO THIS TIME), the raise is called by the remaining field.
River is a nothing. I was behind everyone after the turn card came.

Yes, easy fold, stop snickering that I thought it was noteworthy.

I had to drop out of a few hands, and didn't win anything after, so ended up down 24 bucks (12BB).

On to the NL game:

5 handed as we had one jumper (it's a penthouse apartment)
The table was me ( and starting from my left ... ) SL-P, L-P, L-A (playing T-P tonight), and SL-A

I started out folding as usual...

I got into it when I called a minraise by SL-P with 9-7o, flopped TP, made a sizeable bet and he folded. Figured overcards, and I was right. That boosted the stack by a few hundred. I took him out two hands later with an unspectacular blinded-all-in.

Later, i got into it with L-P when i was BB with pocket 6's. With blinds at 200-400 he called (as usual) preflop, the SB called, I raised all-in. The L-P called and SB folded. His A-J vs my 6's. I know that I must win a coinflip at least to win this thing, so this was the guy and this was the time. He didnt hit anything, and I was doubled up to be chip leader.

I then busted the T-P, then the SL-A when he was blinded into oblivion. That brought the game down to myself and the L-P. I had him covered by a thousand or so at the beginning. This particular player is VERY aggressive when it gets to heads up for some reason. With the blinds at 300-600 he raised to 1200 3 out of the first 4 hands. On the fourth, I raised him and he folded (I had JJ) -- probably should have limped and let him raise into me. Then, he raised to 900 and was reminded 1200 was the min. Normally I would find that a bit suspicious, but with this player I figured it literally meant he didnt like his hand as much as the ones before. Looking down at K-9o, I tried to figure out what he had. In the 1200 raises previously I never saw a hand so I just didnt know. Obviously his small raise meant he didnt quite like it as much as before so it couldnt be an ace. I called all-in, he looked pained, then said "Ok Lets do it".

He held Q-4 and yelled "damn" when i showed K-9. I had an advantage but not a huge one. I hit a king on the flop and he never improved. Done deal.

End of the night, i was down 4 bucks after that win. I must say, those little $5 NL tourneys are a rush when you have something to fight with.

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