Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Same Ole Monday Night Game

Same game, no NL this time. Played 1/2 limit all night with between 6 and 10 players at all times. 4.5 hours of fun.

I started out with dead hands, figuring my week off of cards might swing my bad run around. I realize that cards arent truly with or against me, but sometimes the run of cards makes it seem that way. In truth, everything is almost entirely random, and I know that, but it still doesnt hurt to hope for something good.

Picked up JJ in MP, raised, couple of callers. Flop came with an ace, I bet out, no raise. One one left with me to the turn, made it 3 hearts on the board. I bet, he raised, i called. Fifth street was a heart as well. I looked down at my hand to check for a heart, yep the Jack. 2nd nuts, i bet, he called. I suppose that's a suckout on my part... wee.

Very next hand, i picked up AA in EP. Pre-flop raised, 5 callers. Flop came down A-K-7 two diamonds. I bet, two dropouts, 3 to the turn. Turn was a blank. I bet, all called. River was an ACE. I bet, everyone folded. I showed my quad aces, and all were very impressed.

Later, the guy across the table was talking about his hatred of the Hiltons (QQ) and Hooks (Jacks). All night I have taken to looking at my cards one by one as they come in so i picked up a Q... then... another Q. Here come the Hiltons themselves. I raised, couple callers. I catch a queen on the flop... wow... ANOTHER set. My set held, nuff said.

And here comes the hand that makes me feel like an idiot. You knew it was coming.

I have A-K, i raise pre-flop 3 callers. Flop comes K-Q-2 rainbow. I bet my TPTK, called around. Turn comes another 2. Bet to my right, a gambler - I called thinking he might be trying to throw me off as I couldnt see these guys calling with a 2 pre-flop (they faced two and they arent THAT bad). Raise on my left. Raise? WHAT? Called by a calling station, gambler calls, and I'm now really confused as the board doesnt indicate a set, no flush or straight. Only options out there for one of these guys is two pair or set, both cream me, but I call because I'm an idiot. River is a heart, making three to a flush. Bet from my right, I call, raise from my left, calling station calls, gambler calls, I call because i'm an idiot.

Gambler had a flush. Yep, he bet runners and called PFR, flop bet, and 2 raises with 5-9 hearts.
Left-guy had two pair, middle two pair.
Calling Station had two pair, low two pair.
I had TPTK, and was behind to 3 players.

I pissed away 3 BB when I knew i was most defiantely beaten like a red headed stepchild, and had at best 8 outs (Ace or King MIGHT have made the best hand -- in the end of course it wouldnt). The thing is, I knew it at the turn raise. The bet i would have felt OK in calling or even raising, but the 2nd point raise... that should have done me in. I got pissed off at myself huge after that. Didnt change my play at all, but I hardly wanted to be sitting at the table after that.

In the end, I earned 26.50 for 4.5 hours work. Not exactly a living wage, but hey, i'm playing 1-2 limit.

I miss the casino (havent been there in a few weeks), and I miss golf a LOT. But, at least the cards turned around for once.

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