Monday, March 28, 2005

Poker Cancelled, Boredom Ensues

For the first time in a long while, our weekly home game has been cancelled. I must admit that I have been enjoying the home game a lot more than the anonymous internet poker. Laughs, goofs, and fun ensue weekly as my fellow golf clubbers and a few others get together to 'reallocate cash'. I'm really going to miss it this week, as I was just told that we're not confirmed to have enough players as one is in LA and one in Cuba.

I'd love to say i'll be hitting the online tables, because I havent in weeks (on purpose) but realistically i'll probably work on a new contract i picked up to make money the old fashioned way.

Ridicule me all you like, I miss the game, and I miss golf. Fortunately, I taught the girlfriend how to play heads up and she's not tooooo bad at it. Quick learner that one, I just hope she really starts to enjoy it so I can play more often.

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