Saturday, March 05, 2005

New Weapon In My Arsenal

I'm switching gears to golf here folks as i've definately got the itch these days. The golf itch, you pervert.

Off to GolfTown with the girlfriend I went, with a twinkle in my eye and a golf on the brain. First, i started with the putters as usual, figuring out that yes, I do indeed love the Bettinardi baby ben putter, but no i dont love it as much as I love $300 + tax. To eBAY for that little toy eventually!

Off into the land of hybrids we go. Normally, my golf swing produces a mid height flight, but I have pretty fair control over height of the ball with all of my clubs, and my Tommy Armour 845s 2i was no exception. I dont have a problem getting the ball off the ground with low loft clubs, nuff said. However, I would be a complete idiot if I did not admit that a hybrid is easier to hit, less prone to ... ummm... mishits. Mishits being my way of saying pull hook. They tend to hit it high, soft, and far. So that sounds good to me. Testing this little badboy in the simulator at GolfTown clocked my distance at around 225. That's good enough to reach most long par-3's out there, and still long enough to whack down sub-400 par-4's when a tight drive is necessary. Sounds good.

Honestly, when i hit the ball THAT far with it, i was a bit concerned with my distance gap. Still am infact, but I suppose its better to have a distance gap at the low end of the set than the top one.

Last year my distances with my old clubs (Tommy 845s) were as follows (just a portion dont get too bored yet):

4i - 190-195 yds
3i - 195-205 yds - depending on strike
2i - 200-215 yds - depending on strike

But we must keep in mind now that my new set of blades may change my numbers a bit on that high end. Still, if this hybrid can produce results between 215 and 225, i've got a nice range of holes covered. Not to mention I think it will be an asset around the greens chipping from odd grass lies but i'll have to wait to test that theory.

I'll go through the whole set pre-season on here, just to let you know what the 'non-pros' are using.

In the meantime i'm off for a car appointment today followed by some house cleaning and dinner at the girlfriends house. No poker it looks like, though i might head to Seneca tomorrow afternoon for some B&M action.

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