Tuesday, March 29, 2005

No Poker? Hell Yeah I Played Poker

So, the girlfriend wanted to play poker last night! Amazing luck as I was itching for some sweet, sweet card turning action. After we went to the local golfing club - of which I am obligated to spend $X monthly on food and beverages - for dinner, home we came, broke out the chips and cards and off we went.

Now, I am not the sort of person who is capable of NOT trying to win, but I was trying to go fairly easy on her as I want poker to be a positive experience and not like teaching yourself to swing a golf club for the first time.

Heads up, 2500 in chips each. Blinds a constant 50/100. We played three games, I won three games, but more importantly, we talked about many hands after they were played. I want a challenge to play against at home, not a tight passive player... so i'm trying to teach aggression, bluffing, reading people, all those things that my 6 months of hard play and 4 books have taught me. She's learning.

That isnt to say she's any good... because any winning player could beat her like a red-headed stepchild, but she WILL be good if she sticks with it.

Much like my love of helping people with their golf game, I have found that I love to analyze and teach what little I know of poker to others. I suppose I could have been a teacher if this whole geek-thing didnt pan out. Anyways, to the girlfriend, keep it up, you'll be kicking my ass shortly! :)

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