Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Cards Dislike Me

The last few sessions i've had have been down. It really is difficult to continue coming back to the game when the game keeps hurting you. Fortunately, i'm comfortable with the stakes, and I feel as if i'm playing well. It just seems as if the suckouts and busted hands are to be expected.

I really enjoy telling a REALLY bad beat story, but these arent really bad... I'll catch the ass end of a straight, my top 2 pair get busted by a rivered flush, just typical cards against me. The A8-AJ hand at the casino this weekend was the worst lately, and it wasnt a huge deal to me. I didnt even get pissed off, i just grinned, stood up from the table, and chocked it up to bad luck. I think all of this is training me to accept bad situations well, which is something i'm good at due to golf, but this is very different.

In golf, when you make a bad play, it's all on you. Sometimes you'll hit a flagstick at the hole and it will bounce out... thats a good shot that didnt get the best possible result, and that's ok. If you hit a shank or flub a chip, its your fault, nobody elses. You should have realized the lie, the wetness of the fairway, the way the grass was growing against your swingpath... all of those things. In golf, you make most of your own luck and must accept when it doesnt work out, get over it when the putt drops and move on immediately.

At poker, each hand is a hole at the golf course, but there is a lot more luck involved... so i'm working on accepting my fate with a grin, then moving onto the next tee.

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