Saturday, March 12, 2005

Poker, Poker, Food, Poker, Golf

Well, I can't believe it, but my self-induced rest-stop on the poker wagon is actually helping my focus for all things, not just poker. I seem to be sharp right now, really sharp. Perhaps it's due to my brilliant combination of beverages last night for an early birthday dinner (it's on Sunday if you care).

In honour of Grubby, here's the food and drink for the night:
Diet coke, before i knew where the good beers were because I dont drink shit.
(All From Tall Cans)
Tetley's - fine english ale - smooth smooth smooth
Old Speckled Hen - this stuff kicks it up a notch far better than Emeril
Guinness - Yes, drink of Iggy... it was damn good
2 glasses 2002 Cave Spring Riesling with dinner (apple jelly glazed pork roast, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, cheesed veggies)
2 shots B&B (look it up - nice sipping drink) in the hot tub
Tetley's again
Guinness again Carbomb style with a shot of whiskey and baileys dropped in via shot glass

No expected poker this weekend, as it is my birthday and I must do birthday things like dinners and such, and thus have no time for the really good stuff. I WANT TO GO TO THE CASINO BUT I DONT HAVE TIME DAMNIT! I'll be back at the table on Monday night with the usual Monday nighters who have recently become accustomed to stealing my money with bad cards, but i'll get them back... I've got f'in Sklansky and Ed Miller on my side... i'll get mine eventually...

Oh yes, i did tack a golf onto the title of this post for a reason. Looks like i'm going to go test my resolve again with another Golf Town visit today. Wee.

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