Sunday, February 20, 2005

Back at the Casino... at 3/6?

Well, my complaining last weekend about bad service from the local casino out of my system, I was back at it Saturday night with my usual compatriot in poker gaming.

Upon arriving at the great hall of poker, we were greeted with a 2/4 list that stretched from top to bottom with names, add on to this that there were seemingly 50 people wandering the front area by the desk waiting for their name to be called. So, it was a tough decision... wait all night for a 2/4, or grow a pair and play 3/6. Well... we chose to play tonight.

Signing up for 3/6 made me actually nervous... i was never nervous at the 2/4 table after my first 30 minutes... but for some reason jumping a level made my hands shake for the first 30 minutes at the table. No kidding... theres something about playing above your normal position that makes the experience unique.

Bought in for $150, 25BB to my usual $100 at the 2/4... ok so i had a small stack of 10 reds.. big deal. Started off the game well splitting one small pot with A-J when the board hit 3-A-3-x-A funny thing was, at the river card the bet was initiated by one of three of us, I raised to 12, and the last guy dropped out. When we showed our aces full.. he said... OH DAMN i should have been paying attention, i had an ace too. So i guess i made a few bucks there by raising when i knew it was going to split. This was the first moment I realize how horribly bad the players were at this table... the man to my left would raise any hand he played, which were many. If he hit any card on the board -- ANY -- he would bet or raise. This was LAG #1. I soon found out that we had 3 of these, one guy who had never played before, and two 'young guns' who thought that spinning their chips into the pot and looking badass doing it was the key to making cash.

To say that this table was loose was an understatement. The 2/4 game is tame by these standards... this table was loose pre-flop and super-agressive. If I didnt like my hand for a capped pre-flop, it wasnt worth playing... because more often than not. it capped. Unfortunately, this evening the poker gods werent with me... and while I got up a few BB early, they were pissed away by blinds in a 2 hour stretch of folding.. literally. In a 4 hour session I played a total of 10 hands including blind play. It's frustrating to fold so much... but I just spent the time trying to work on my bet counting and watched the players mannerisms when they did things... makes for a good show.

In the last 10 hands, I got a few playable ones... once limping in MP with Q-Js.. hitting jacks but having the pot bet and raised ahead of me. Turns out good call as there were aces in the hole. Another one was A-Qo pre-flop raise by me and I hit the ace on a rainbow board. Bet to my right, i raise to see where im at, called at my left. Next card is a blank to my mind, the caller bets out... i'm looking at the board to see whats up there (it was a nothing card -- a heart).. put him on two pair POSSIBLY (this guy didnt know what he was doing but the bettor to my right was still in there so I didnt like a raise) and called. River was a heart. Caller bets, right calls, i call. I HATE calling but i couldnt put this guy on a hand -- had the guy to my right on A-lower kicker. The guy turns over... 4-10 hearts. Thats right people... called two pre-flop, called two on the flop, bet out with a pair of 4s at the turn and caught a flush at the river. They were SOOTED.

Lost another small one when I had A-Qs, raised pre-flop one caller. Flop was K-x-x, i bet out, called. Turn was the Q, I didnt know if he had the K but bet out anyways (he called down with anything), called. River was blank, I bet, he called.. he called with K-2o pre-flop.

Yep, these are rediculously beatable tables if i catch some cards at all. Ended up down 12BB after those beatings, but my outlook was extremely positive. Instead of loose-passive 2/4.. .this is loose agressive 3/6. The profit is there to take from the players... its really only a question of whether you have any cards to damage them with. I didnt last night... so be it.

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