Saturday, February 05, 2005

Bad Beat #1 At The Casino

Now, I'm a pretty laid back guy, but this one hurt a bit. I hid in my hole mentally for about an hour afterward.

I'm dealt 66 in MP. Called at 5 points no raising.

Flop is 6-2-K with two hearts. Bet from my right, i raise and it clears them all out except the bettor.

Turn card is the K. Bet from my right again, i look twice to make sure (i'm at the end of the table) i've got my boat and instantly know she has 3 kings to start betting again. I raise, she re-raises and I cap.

River is a ... yep... K. Running Kings to sink my boat.

That shit should qualify for a bad beat wheel at least -- i want a hat. The lady actually apologized to me afterwards (i must have turned a few shades of red -- bad habit) but i told her that "that's poker, now i've got a story to tell people".

Overall I had three flopped sets busted by straight and flush draws. Most of the time I knew i was behind at the turn but the pots were HUGE. In one of them, the board was pretty messy (3-5-6-J) so I capped the turn and raised the river (I had 66) thinking theres no flush, no cards paired, and he's gotta have 4-7 -- but he's a tight pre-flop player -- must be set over set or he's gone loopy. Nope, UTG he played 4-7 off.

Hah. Climbed back at the end of the night with A-K. Flopped K-K-A, called a bet. Blank turn and we capped it with 3-in. River was a K so i made quads. He bet -- i did some acting about getting screwed by quads before and I raised. Good pot (around $75). Also caught a boat on the turn with A-9 on my 2nd last hand.

Was down $130 at one point, crawled back up to down $51 in the end. And, now i'm actually in the hole at the casino overall -- thats just sad.

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Good blog, and two of my favorite subjects!