Wednesday, February 02, 2005

WPBT Event Tonight

Hmm, i'm having a tough time deciding whether to play the WPBT event at PokerStars tonight. I've been reading the blogs of all these folks for a few months now, but never really considered sitting down for poker with them (sort of -EV myaw?)

I told myself if I won $20 bucks at the 0.25/0.5 tables in the two hours before the event, i'd play. Of course, i went out and crushed a few games and made it in about an hour. Dont get me wrong I dont expect to win 40BB in an hour 3-tabling, but sometimes the poker gods might be trying to tell you something.

So, unless the girlfriend demands my attention, i'm playing since i made the buy-in the easy way today. I'll post a report after I bust out.

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