Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Monday Night Home Game - Jan 31, 2005

Last night was the weekly home game, this time at a new location, mostly the same people however.

We started out with the now-typical 1/2 limit game. I've been playing a bit of 6-max online, so my agression numbers are, well, higher. The online game forces you to push when you've got the best of it and fold when you're pretty sure you're toast (no pun intended). Started out slowly, as per my usual style. Pre-flop played tight in the high end of the deck, post-flop was extremely agressive on top pair hands. In one case, my aggression post-flop with TPTK nearly forced everyone out but a guy holding a set of 7's. He told me at the river he was sure he was beat but called down with his set. The look on my face must have been priceless.

Another hand, same guy (catching cards ALL night) and I went to war. I held the nut flush right on the flop and was betting and raising. Just he and I after the turn card. I bet, he called. River paired 10's on the board and I bet into it with my flush, he raised. I looked at him, said "You make your full house?". No answer of course, I re-raised him for good measure and he just called. Turns out his boat was made on the river and my nut flush from the flop was dead in the water -- just that sort of night.

In yet another (beaten) hand, i held Axs and flopped the 4-flush. With 3 callers I was betting and raising the flop. They hung to the turn where I raised a bet again (blank), and the river blanked for me as well so i checked behind. My dear pal called me down with a lowly pair of 6's with at least 4 overcards on board and my pre-flop raise -- he said "You've got it, i've only got a pair of 6's - your big pair wins". I said "nope it doesnt" and mucked my busted nut flush draw.

I did get quite a bit of respect on pre-flop raises and well, post flop raises. But i lost a few big hands and that hurt me and i ended up down $41 in the limit game.

Then game the no-limit tourneys. Top player gets it all, $5 buy-in first two games, $10 on the last. I got bored in the first tourney (these are crapshoots -- totally BS but im doing it to be social) going all-in on the hammer after a raise only to have my opponent flip Kings. Well, i felt good about my total bluff being shown, it gave me action in the next game :)

Next game I busted 2 players, got heads up and immediately got offered the sweeter side of the split even though i was technically behind in chips. Fine.

Last game I played tight (it's $10 bucks after all) but agressive pre-flop. My raises usually bought the blinds. Caught 5's and raised to 4xBB. It was re-raised by a decent agressive player and i called. Flop game down 4-7-J, he bet, i thought about it for 30 seconds and went all-in. I had him on overcards and was almost certain he didnt hit the board. How wrong i was, he held KK. Again the cowboys shot me in the ass and i'm toast (again).

I'll have to keep an eye on that guy, he's got a betting tell that I picked up after tonight. Baits and traps on overpairs every time. When he under-raises his previous raises, I should have picked it up sooner.

Total for the night: Down $46 big ones. I think i overplayed a bet or two, but feel pretty good about everything. I think i'm starting to get a rep amongst these guys.

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