Saturday, February 12, 2005

Spending Money On Games

Fortunately, i've found two games -- you guessed it, golf and poker -- which require rediculous amounts of money to play. Well technically poker should make me money eventually but at the stakes I'm playing, my investments in books are now surpassing my bankroll size.

I received my copies of Super System 2 and Caro's Book of Poker Tells. Flipped through both and am currently reading Jennifer Harman's section on limit poker in SS2. GREAT book so far and she's really interesting in her analysis of plays.

In a moment, i'm off to Golf Town, home of good prices on copious amounts of golf equipment. After that, heading out for dinner then over to the B&M for a little 2 by 4 action. Hopefully my bad night streak will end shortly... I think i'm starting to identify some really bad spots in my game actually... recent online results show i'm playing way more passive post-flop, this could be just due to bad beats ive taken and its a weird sort of tilt happening (tightening up post-flop is BAD). Showing down too much shit too.

Going to start a new PokerTracker database as of tomorrow to guage my plays, and i'll do some more 2+2 posting. In the meantime i'm hoping I dont run up too big a tab at Golf Town. That concerns me a lot more than bad beats at 2/4. Actually its sort of like a bad beat at 50/100 when things go really wild. Thankfully I already bought my new irons else i'd be in trouble.

I'll get into equipment more here as the golf season arrives.

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