Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sunday afternoon @ The B&M

Back to 2/4 with a different pal of mine tagging along (his first time) so i played 2/4 instead of 3/6 as expected. Probably a good thing I did.

Started out the session playing virtually nothing again (typical 17% starting hands doesnt seem like much action when you're moving at 25 hands per hour). Dont think i had too many of those stuck in there for the first 2 hours since I just blinded away (and maybe a flop bet here and there) about 40 bucks (10BB) with no showdowns or victories to show for it. I was paying close attention to see if my hands 'were good' and in each case I made a good call (thats ok by me).

Won two hands within a short stretch to get back to even, and then again started sliding with no playable cards. Back down to -35 for the day... then won a decent pot with A/9 when i outkicked a player (i was borderline going to throw it away as 9 is a quite marginal kicker in my opinion). Figured it was worth calling down, and I won that one... back to 11 short of even. Entered another pot with A-3 from the blinds, flopped two pair. Bet Bet bet... the turn and river come runner runner spades. Guy to my left bets out, lady at the end raises... ruh roh.... i fold. Good fold turns out (flush over flush).

Finally at the end of the session -- literally second last hand I planned to play, I picked up A8o in MP and limped (it was a passive table). 6 point callers. Flop comes down A-A-8. Fireworks go off, but i'm pretty cool at the tables these days... didnt even get the heart pumping. One bet out from EP (i'm praying for an aggressive ace-holder), folded to me, I just call. Cant give away that i PAIRED my kicker, and i wasnt going to chase him out for $2 anyways even if i wanted to, which i didnt. I bet the turn (a blank), he called. Jack falls on the river, he bets out, I raise, he re-raises.

I've been in situations before where I thought I had the nuts before, kept raising, and figured out later than some silly guy had quads and i didnt consider it. So... when 3-bet... I looked again at my hand... at the board. I HAD THE NUTS!!! No wait... the jack on board... if he paired that, he's Aces over Jacks... ruh roh. I looked at him in the far corner... he seemed sort of surprised that I raised into him on the river... wait a sec...he checked the turn and bet the river... did he improve? A-J seems like a hand he would check/call the turn on if he feared a kicker from me... Hmm... DAMN.. the more i thought about it.. the more A-J stood out. Still i had to put in my call bet to see. Yep.. Aces full of Jacks over Aces full of 8's. Typical. Lost 5BB on that one but it could have been much worse If i didnt take a step back and wonder what the hell he was raising with.

So yeah, down $37 at the end of this. I didnt really get upset at all over that beat at the end, or the session in general. I feel like i'm playing good cards, saving bets where i get a read that turns out right... but the cards are ALL AGAINST ME!

Oh well... theres always next week.


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