Sunday, February 13, 2005

Pissed off at the local B&M

I'm located in southern ontario, near Niagara Falls. Our local casinos in Niagara Falls have only one poker room, and it blows. Limits are too high (min 4/8 most times) and the room is open to the rest of the casino and their bloody slots and smoke and music. When i play poker, i want to hear cards and chips... CARDS AND CHIPS.

Back to it, the indian casino (Seneca Niagara Falls) over in Niagara Falls, NY has a GREAT poker room. The dealers are great, the room is great (cards and chips), and the players are so-so... too many locals though. Anyways, I play 2/4 over there whenever I go, and I've been going once a week for the past few months it seems. Not exactly their biggest customer, but I'm a repeat customer...

... until yesterday night? I still havent decided whether i'm being too picky or they were actually wrong. I call in at 8:45pm to put two on the list before I make the 30 minute trek over the border to the casino. This helps kill some couch-time when they're busy. Did I mention they have very comfortable leather chairs and couches and card player mags hanging around? Poker room lets the call go to voicemail first time. Lets try that again,

Room: "Poker Room This is SO AND SO"
Me: "Hi, can i get two names on the 2/4 list?"
Room: "We're not taking call-ins tonight"
Me: "OK, how busy are you" -- (how long is my wait going to be?)
Room: "We're busy"
Me: "How long is the list for 2/4?" -- (how long is my wait going to be?)
Room: "We're VERY busy" -- CLICK --

Now, I'm sort of awestruck that I was just treated rudely by a casino employee when i'm actually taking the time to call in and inquire when I can begin to pay them rake and tips. I'm thinking perhaps it would be different if I asked whether the 20/40 was open, but I doubt it. Dealers at this place have identified this particular desk person as "horrible -- try asking for a table change". And now i caught a bit of the attitude. Thinking about it 12 hour after the fact now, i'm still awestruck that they would be so rude, and it really makes me NOT want to play there. I dont want to wait 3 hours for a table, so answer my f'in question so I can decide whether its worth the effort. Hanging up on me? Thats the worst part of it. I was typical canadian polite and i got hung up on by a new york stater... should be expected I suppose.

Anyways, I posted about this on 2+2, want to get feedback on whether this type of service should be considered part of poker's surly underpinnings or whether it actually deserves to lose my business. They're a SERVICE business, so dont piss off the customer unless you want to lose the customer and all the people he tells... and by the 2+2 post... i'm not being quiet.

Golf Town i survived without buying anything. I'm into the taylor made rescue MID 2 iron, and the bettinardi baby ben putter right now. Still cant find a driver that i'm in love with. I hit the taylor made 580XD on the simulator in the back and it flies a hair further than the 2 iron, so something wasnt right about that setup for me. I've got to work on my club selection and think i'll ebay for the Bettinardi putter... i'm not paying $300 CDN for a f-in putter.

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