Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Monday Night Home Game - Feb 7, 2005

Another night at the home game. We had a massive 8 person turnout for the festivities. Couple of hours of 1/2 chased by a $5 NL tourney.

The 1/2 was pretty standard, i didnt catch a lot of cards, but played my typical game - working on counting bets which is still a weakness of mine. Made a couple of mistakes, folded A-5 when i didnt notice the board said 3-4 and i folded before the turn (a 2 of course). STUPID. As Rip Torn said in Dodgeball, its like watching a bunch of retards trying to hump a doorknob.

Anyways, another time I folded two pair to a turn bet and raise with a 3-flush board lacking pot odds. Of course, the board paired on the river and a mid-flush took it down. Those are the days. Was up a whopping $24 at one point, and finished $6.50 up. Wow.

The $5 tourney was a little different this time around. We had 5 players, but we didnt put the blinds on "double ever 8 minutes" like usual which makes it a total crapshoot. Frankly, I hate crapshoots.. if i wanted to gamble -- and I dont -- i'd play dice or bet on black/red at roulette. Anyways, everyone played tighter, we saw actual flops before people were all in... and I won. I stole a lot, bet like I had the nuts, made good reads and drew the cards when I needed to. It felt good to actually pick people apart for once in real life.

I'm staying off the online poker tonight, doing a bit of reading (blogs and 2+2).

Mental Note: buy more poker books

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