Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Super System 2 Made Me Money

Last night was the typical Monday night game, on Tuesday. It seems we're moving the Monday game on Tuesdays now...

The 1/2 game i played my typical style, made a whopping dollar after I got drawn upon twice at the end (was up $20 previously). In the first all-in game I amped the aggression numbers quite a bit. It's funny, i HATE the typical crapshoot style of these things... blinds up way too fast... i'd rather play post-flop real poker not pre-flop lets guess who has the best hand.

Anyways... first game I got booted early when I held A-x on a J-x-x-J board. My first instinct was that he was slowplaying A-J after his pre-flop raise, but when he made a big raise on the 2nd jack, I thought he was trying to represent something that wasnt there. Of course, it was. Down to 250 chips and gone next hand.

Second game was a bit different, I started to push hard on everyone and it worked! SS2's advice on playing with a gambling attitude against tight players made for an interesting time. In one case, the guy to my right, a rather good player who is quite aggressive himself raised 3 times in a matter of 2 loops and in each case I re-raised all in. (All in because the blinds were so high that nothing else would have an impact). Each time he liked his hand, and each time he didnt like it enough to play telling me that he would catch me eventually. Well, the 4th time it happened, I had A-4s and he held K-8, he called the all-in. Of course, he caught his king, and said "You werent really in the lead" and I had to disagree. He called, he drew out, and I made the right play. Built a huge stack when my all-in was called at two points. My A-Qo v A-4o v A-10s. It held up. Down to heads up, we chipped away at each other until finally the blinds got so high he was 2 big blinds from being done. Of course I leaned and he called and I won a race.

I'm not done with brunson's section in SS2, but his major point in the first pages of NL Hold-em is all about using huge aggression in the right ways. Having your opponents know you'll put them all in at any time is powerful stuff. I did win a few cold bluffs last night, and I have to say, those feel great.

Watched Deeb v. Negreanu heads up last night after the game. Negreanu pulled off a rediculously wild bluff on a flush-river card to win a gigantic pot... Deeb couldnt have called that given the way Daniel played the hand, even if his TPTK was best. The risk of losing an extra 100k would have crippled him.

Cant wait for the next show of the heads up battle.

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