Monday, April 25, 2005

All Weekend @ The B&M

Crappy weather killed golf entirely, so I spent the majority of my weekend at the casino playing cards. Not too eventful, i'm getting used to being sucked out upon, but hey, what can ya do.

Friday evening I went after work, started playing around 7pm and played until 1:30 or 2am. Opened the session being sucked out on back to back hands (the details of which I will not complain about), so was down around $80 at 2/4 after 2.5 hours. You know, I never really appreciated what the term 'stuck' meant until this evening. It feels like you've dug a hole that should have been a mountain and can't climb out. Anyways, normally i'll cap my losses at 25BB but this table was ultra-fishy so I bought another 10BB of ammo. It helped. Got myself mostly unstuck around hour 5 and then went on to win a good pot with aces on my last hand when my TAG opponent had queens and we both hit our set. It got expensive for him, i figured him for two pair... meh. Ended up 6BB. Woo.

Saturday went with my golf buddy after we attempted to play "shittiest possible golf weather" golf. Cold rainy and windy. Sucked. After 4 holes then having breakfast I went home for a bit, read a bit of SSH, then went to the casino for a short 3 hours session. They were just cracking a 3/6 so I took that along with my pal. Had a few decent hand, way more tight, way more passive table for the most part. Instantly tagged the TAG's and didnt get into too much fireworks with them. Was up 6BB at the end when on my last hand... called out it would be my last hand and was dealt JTs in EP. Playable. Called it, one raise by TAG on the button, called. Flop comes TTK. I bet out, TAG raises, I re-raise. Turn is the Jack, that's my money card but i'm concerned about someone playing KT who would have me fileted. I bet, TAG raises, I call. River is a blank. I check, TAG bets, I call. I made a good read, not quite right though, TAG had Jacks over Tens, whereas I had Tens over Jacks. Lost very little considering the fireworks opportunities here - that confidence boost in my hand reading skills was worth the $20 bucks. Ended up 2.5BB

Sunday went again (yep, degenerate). Sat from 1:30 till 6. Couple brutal suckouts and having to fold pocket cowboys against an ace on the flop brought me down over 15BB. Just one of those days where your A-Q pfr and hitting Q for TPTK on the flop doesnt work out (guy called Q7o to hit Two Pair) but I had instilled a fear of my hands on him since I dropped a set on his neighbor's AK two pair earlier so it didnt cost me too much to show my TPTK down. He feared I held a set the way i played it. Guess they arent used to people being that aggressive. :) Ended down 12BB.

Overall for the weekend it cost me $8 bucks. What pisses me off is that i'm behind given I think my play was pretty decent. Made a twoplustwo post with an AK overcard hand which i was struggling with after I folded to a turn bet, but the guys in the SS forum there agreed with my play so I'm a bit happier about it (even though my river K would have won the pot).

That's about the extent of things. It was fun, i saw a lot of guys i know and am starting to figure out who the good players are here (it's not hard to seperate the donkeys from the TAG's at this place) -- but now I can recognize them by face not just by style. Goin back tonight for another one since the weather sucks.

Hmm, i think i'm becoming a degenerate poker player.


Ignatious said...

gimme a damn link so i can pimp you. :)

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