Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Casino Niagara Poker Room Review

Should have mentioned the casino I was playing at this weekend, as its new and people might want to know. It's Casino Niagara - our original casino in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I've mentioned our other casino, Fallsview, here before I believe with its higher limit games and 3 hour wait lists. Not worth my time and i'm not playing serious limits anyways so I used to attend Seneca over the border in Niagara Falls, NY.

Anyways, on to the review of Casino Niagara's poker room. They tore out their low limit blackjack and table games area on the no-smoking floor to put in 12 poker tables. That's down the elevator to the right if you come in the main entrance). The tables are NICE, well put together and the chairs are reasonably comfortable. Actually they seem slightly over bolstered if that's even a word I can use for a poker room chair.

The Good:
- Horrible, Fishy players (who would have guessed that a 2/4 would have these?) Had a grand total of ONE decent player at my tables in the 6 hours i played on the weekend.
- Tables, rail, cup holder, felt - nicely done
- Short waits ( SO FAR ) - 0 mins and 15 mins.

The Bad:
- Tables slightly too small for 10 players, so our chair legs can be touching and things feel too cramped if the players are not spaced out well.
- No free booze -- i dont drink when i play at the casino though so I dont care.
- Inexperienced Dealers - truly brutal. In 6 hours I saw the dealer split a pot which was won by a higher second pair on a two pair, ask for showdown with 4 cards on the board, mis-call the betting schedule (4,8,16!), and allow the pre-flop raiser to re-raise his own raise with "option" when it called around to him. Also, slow to deal. All of this will improve of course, but its still annoying to put up with having to correct dealers multiple times in 2 hours. Had 1 great dealer and lots of bad ones.
- The floor - inexperienced again - they have cards on a schedule for change-ins and change-outs. The floor walks over a brick of two new decks while a dealer is in the middle of his session sometimes. The floor counts out the outgoing decks, and the dealer counts IN the incoming deck. Further, the dealer has to count the cards one by one face up, then spread them face down and count again. This takes a good 5 mins to do 2 decks and is just STUPID. I cant tell yet whether they're using premium decks, but checking decks multiple times while i'm down for a session is annoying and wastes my time.

The weird:
Counting off decks constantly? Floor checking cards for marks every hour? Is this not weird? This is 2/4 anyone who risks being caught cheating this game is a total moron (at least cheat a 5/10 ya idiot).

It's gonna be a good place to build the bankroll. The players are too bad to go anywhere else, and with our influx of tourists to the falls its only going to get better. Hopefully I can turn my rainy day play (when i can't golf) into some profit and start to move up in limits. The suckouts will happen as usual with horrible players though, but saying nothing about how awful their play is comes pretty easy for me.

I shall now refer to this as my rained out, no-golf office.

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