Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Monday Night Casino Game... Err.. What?

Yep, I'm a degenerate poker player. Instead of hosting our usual game at the usual spot, it was decided to go to the casino again -- since its just easier that way.

Unfortunately, i'm 20 mins from home, and only 2 mins from the casino when i'm at work. That means that its far easier to go directly to the casino after work than to go home then come back at a reasonable hour. C'est la vie.

2/4 @ The B&M

This table was actually slightly tighter than the 2/4 usually is. That is not to say that it was tight, because 5 or 6 to a flop was the norm, but it wasn't 8 or 9. I was up 10BB early, then bled it back, then up 10 again, then back. Nothing great catching, but made a few interesting plays. Actually pulled off a semi-bluff at 2/4 which is absolutely the last thing I thought would happen. With 3rd pair on the board (7) and a flush draw (to the 10) I activated from SB on the turn card (the 7). Guy at the end of the table said "you made your straight didnt you?". I looked up at him in the eye, looked back down, around at the faces on the table. My thought was not to show strong or weak, just "normal". I didnt answer his question, didnt smile, shrug, just looked up and back down again. He folded - one caller. I bet the river - a blank. Caller folded. HOLY CRAP I MADE A 2/4 TABLE FOLD.

Anyways, later in the evening I was drawn out to get back to my buy-in when the flop came 884 with my AQ overcards. Queen on the turn, I bet, raised on my right (the button), and re-raised all-in by the other player. I checked the river with the other caller putting the all-in on an 8 and the other one on a queen lower kicker -- why bother. Turns out she had Q-8 to take the pot. Meh. Back to even pretty much. However, glory would be mine when I won the pot of the night. A-Jo in EP -- i limp, raised once, 7 to the flop. Flop is TQx. Q-8o girl raised pre-flop and bets the flop, I call given the pot size and two overcards hoping to hit my overcards or inside straight. It's raised, called all around again. Turn is the K making my nut straight. Bet from my right, i call it wanting to keep em all in to the river. Called twice then back to raiser-girl who raises (surprise!), called to my right and I re-raise to 12 (the girl gets that oh-shit look). Surprisingly, the guy at the far end calls, and the girl caps it (hah!). 3 to the river for a blank (amen). I bet, both just call. Girl had trip K's, guy at the end had two pair (QT i think), and my straight crushes their hopes and dreams.

After 5 hours I finished up $114 for a 28.5 BB win. Not too shabby.

I think this is becoming a part time job.


Matt said...

Degenerate!! ;)

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