Tuesday, April 05, 2005

No Limit Fun - Doyle was Right!

Last night I was fortunate enough to spend a few hours at the NL tables on Stars. Of course, being a small money player, I was on the $10 max tables, and I always buy-in for the max unlike most of the people at that level it seems.

I ran the stack up to $25 from $10 in around an hour of picking apart opponents, then got into this hand with my next door neighbor who had me outchipped slightly.

I have 2c2d in MP, 2 callers, I raise to $0.50. 3 folds, 2 early callers call.
Flop is 2h-3h-10d
Checked to me, I bet $1.00, both call
Turn is a 7c
Villain bets $2.40 (the pot), I raise to $7, hanger-on folds, villain calls.
River is Qh
Villain bets $5.60, I call.

For a $10 max game, that $28.45 pot is pretty big. Of course, I lost. My set of deuces beat by a set of treys. Funny part was, Doyle was just talking about being careful with a set of deuces in Super System 2. That isnt to say I should have given my opponent credit for a set though, set over set i'll take that loss any day. I congratulated my opponent and he said he was concerned about me having a set of 10's. Good call on his part I guess.

Did i play that badly? Hmm, room for improvement here. Pre-flop i dont dislike my raise, I think it's fine. On the flop, my bet should possibly have been bigger than $1.00, as the pot should have been $1.65 at that point. Still I don't think it would have weeded out a set of 3's. The villain making a turn bet - i guess he was slowplaying his treys at the flop - didnt really throw me, I put him on two pair so raised the pot. When he just called, I should have tagged him as less than the nuts as there was enough money in the pot to raise me all-in which I probably would have called. The bet on the end i immediately saw as a bet for value and not trying to blow me out... this one i had to think about, but it was only $6 into a $22 pot with a set so I couldnt raise and couldnt fold. There goes the profit.

Someone tell me different :)

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