Friday, April 22, 2005

A Rush Of Cards Online

I've never seen cards like this before. NEVER. EVER. I just quit after the rush stopped, but from my first hand it was REDICULOUS.

Let me mention that I lost the majority of hands where my starting hand was great -- VP$IP was 27.78 and 50.00 on the two tables -- and i'm a TIGHT SSH-rules player. Check this out:

46 Hands
AA x 1
AKs x 1
AKo x 1
AQo x 1
AJo x 1
ATs x 1
KK x 1
KQo x 2
KJo x 2
QQ x 1
QJo x 1
TT x 2
77 x 1

Crazy, crazy, crazy. Oh, and I lost 9BB HAAHAHAHA.

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