Sunday, April 10, 2005

[Golf] A weekend of pain...

Lets start this one off by getting this off my chest... I'm stupid. Yep, you read it right, stupid.

Yesterday was the first really nice weekend day this year, and the course finally opened, so there I was. Played 18 holes in the morning around 10am when the frost cleared up, but did not play well at all - long winter. After visiting the 19th, downing a well poured guinness from their new tap along with some buffalo chicken fingers and fries, I stopped by the pro shop. The two assistant pros announced that they were playing in an hour. Yep, i played. Course is too wet for carts so i'm walking as usual, but 36 holes on the first day i can really play golf is just asking for trouble. Afterwards, I can hardly walk upright. Back hurts, knee hurts, feet hurt, it all hurts.

Then i played again this morning. Ow. My swing is coming together though.

An equipment note, I hit the TaylorMade R7 Quad setup for a slight fade (not my shot, but it wasnt my demo). Crushed it, full flight 280 yards no run (wet fairways). Awesome driver, but i've got to consider the other equipment out there. Ping G2, Taylormade R7, Taylormade R5, Titlest 905. We'll see. Ping offers custom fitting up near Toronto so I might hit that, so does Titlesit but they charge for it (fuckers -- if i'm buying your club, fit me).

Anyways, no poker this weekend. I'm surprised I can work my hands right now.. yep that painful.

Oh, and a big kudos to Augusta National for running the best golf tournament on the planet. The quality of coverage, lack of product placement, lack of commercials, and a golf course which can turn out your lights with a single mistake WITHOUT 12" rough and being 90% water.. that's a golf tournament. I've been to the church of golf once, and it was greener than it looks on TV. Kudos to Tiger and DiMarco for a hard fought Sunday. Too bad DiMarco didnt pull it out, but Tiger is Tiger and Chris didnt get too many bounces.

That chip on 16 was the sickest thing ever.

Toast OUT.

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