Friday, April 29, 2005

A rainy day means poker... 3/6 @ the B&M!

Off we go. Arrived at the B&M at 5:15, walked past whatever they have on the main floor to the escalator downstairs to the poker room. You know, it's funny, the walk from the front door past security to the poker room I usually don't even look around at whats going on - no interest. I do like to stare at the painted ceiling at the escalators though, cool effect.

Put my name on 2/4 and 3/6 - since the 2/4 list was about 10 names long and 3/6 was only 3. Got on 3/6 in around 15-20 minutes and off we go.

Loose, passive table for the most part. One woman who seemed to me like a decent player on tilt.

My first hand, I raise AJo from EP (yep, that sort of table) and get 5 callers. Flop comes down 5-6-10 rainbow. I bet. All call. Turn pairs the 6. I bet again, this time 4 callers. River comes a blank again. I bet out, one caller. I turn over my A-J figuring with this many freaking callers i'm toast. Nope, guy had K-J and thought he might win on high card. Hmm.

Next one, I have Big Slick Suited in the EP and pop it up. 5 callers (I love this table). Flop comes 8-8-10. I bet, all call. Turn is a 3. I bet again, all call. River is a 10. Now, i'm pretty pissed that I now have to split the pot because i'm sure even these passive guys would have popped me if they had a boat. I bet out, all fold. Lady in the corner says "AA or AK?" I grinned and showed her my AKs. Usually I don't do that, but I would like this table to fear me today so I have some chance of avoiding some brutal suckouts.

Another interesting hand, I have A-Qo and pop it up. 3 to the flop. Flop comes 5-5-A. Maniac bets, I raise, she re-raises and I fold. She turns her 5-6o to show. (Good reads tonight and the raise for info worked well -- thanks books!).

I have A-9 in the blinds. 5 to the flop. Flop is K-K-A. I check, bet from my left, two calls, I raise, all call. Turn is blank I bet all call. River is blank I bet one caller. He turns over K-6o. Passive, passive, he must have been seeing ghosts.

I also drew my flush with suited one-gap connectors in LP, that was fun.

Finally, my hand o' the night and the one i'm proudest of.

I have QJ diamonds in MP and limp. 5 to the flop. Flop is Q-6-2 all spades. I wanted to get an idea of where I stood so I bet out figuring a flush would pop me. All call. Turn is an offsuit blank. I checked this time figuring a flush would SURELY bet out if they couldnt raise. Maniac-like woman bets out - called at my right, now I had to put her on a hand as i was sure the callers were drawing but she is all over the place. No raise pre-flop, a maniac would have popped AQ or KQ so i'm 80% sure she didnt have those. She didnt pop the flop so she doesnt have a made flush - must be drawing. I'm a big favorite to NOT have that flush card hit now, and I figure i'm just barely ahead with my kicker. I call it (didnt want to have a flush and lose the callers since any spade card and I was checking out). River was an offsuit blank, I check, she bets, two callers, I call.

She has Q-To, nobody has a flush, and I win the pot. This is a pot I would have dumped 6 months ago just based on the fact that someone COULD have me beaten badly. In retrospect I feel like i maybe should have raised the turn to charge the drawers more, but hey, I dont quite trust my reads THAT much yet. But this is a serious step in the right direction. Most importantly, I'm starting to watch, analyze, and THINK at the table. Miller and Sklansky can give me plays in theoretical situations, but when tough decisions come up in real life i'm starting to really THINK through them. Not optimal, but not bad either.

Ended up the night +$226 - not too bad for 4 hours at the B&M 3/6.


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