Monday, April 04, 2005

No-Limit Poker Continues & Golf Season Arriving

With what I assume can only be mother nature's final shot at toying with golfers in my region, we got snowed and rained on all weekend, leaving the world wet, slushy and nasty. Fortunately, the sun is out today and it's starting to dry up and melt away. I must have some sort of SADD or something, because the sun today has put me in a great mood, even though we jumped ahead an hour and getting up for work got all that much more difficult.

In the meantime, I decided to go less easy on the girlfriend who is progressing at poker quickly. In fact, I didnt let up last night, and beat her 4 games in a row where she took possibly 2 pots in an hour and a half. That's a bad idea from the side of getting her to keep playing, but she got way ahead with two wins the night before when i was laying 2 to 1... so i was down 4 coffees -- she doesnt like to play for money, even a buck or two. I was a bully with my chips, and she accused me of "using something out of one of your books". Hah. I didnt have the heart to explain that I was going easy before.

The monday night game is now scheduled for tuesday night, so it looks like i'm going to play a bit more NL cash online. It just seems more profitable than Limit at the super-low limits. Plus it has got me out of the ABC poker format, starting to really really think about what the other guy is doing over the course of a session.

I dont know if i'd do OK at the casino though, I have to admit, I would be a bit put off to get in a $100 buy-in with maniacs pulling all-ins pre-flop constantly (I dont have that much money dedicated to the game that I could lose $500 and be happy go-lucky about it). Wishing the tuesday game was NL cash $20 max or something to get a feel for real life NL cash.

Golf AND poker all summer... *drool*.

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