Saturday, April 02, 2005

[Golf] Dear Mother Nature, !@#$ YOU.

Yes, that's right folks, I'm pissed. Last night I actually got to leave the house after work and do what I love to do best - golf. I played a quick 9 from 5:45 till 6:55. That's 1:10 whipping around the back at my club - not bad at all. Only problem is, it's SNOWING AGAIN. @%&#!!!

Struck the ball pretty well with my long irons, but was garbage with distances coming into the green though. Greens are a bit too slow at this time of year to be considered putting, but they do roll and it's better than nothing.

Things that immediately stand out to work on:

  • Putting - hit a few pushes - need to work on eyes and alignment

  • Wedges - way off on distances, need to figure out what my distances are on these things so I can get in scoring position.

  • Back swing and top position - possibly setup check - seems sketchy.

  • figure out the natural ball flight on this 2-hybrid - seems to be a high draw

  • figure out the driver again - hit a decent shot and a great shot (around 240 and 285 respectively) on a few holes yesterday

Well, thankfully I hit the grocery store last night, so i'm stocked with enough to make it through this weekend without much effort. I'll do a bit of work and play some online poker. Will let all y'all know how that goes.

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