Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tuesday Night Poker - At the B&M?

Yep, all my minions flaked on me again Tuesday, and thus, it was a decision between sitting at home and playing poker, or going to play some live poker. Well, live poker it was! Off to the casino - for the first time unaccompanied. Is this a bad sign? I dont think so, i hope not at least.

2/4 it was, and I got into the table in 10 minutes. Mainly card-dead through the night, and made a few questionable plays even, though i turned the nuts on one hand with a few callers. Caught a LOT of two pair flops (on the rare time that I played a pot that is), so i have to say the cards werent horrible. In one case I flopped two pair Q's and 10's and the board turned to make broadway only an ace away, of course I was outta there without odds to draw to my 4 outs for the boat. In another case, flopped A-10-7 with A-10 in the pocket. I was lucky enough to have 2 callers all the way down, with the girl on my left raising when a 3 hit the river.

I called it as i'm such a nice fellow, then she proudly showed her rivered two pair, before i flipped over my flopped top two. It's nice to have someone think they rivered you and then crush their hopes... Ace THREE kicker?!?! yeesh.. yep that sort of table.

Up $27 for the night... big money.

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