Monday, April 18, 2005

One Hell of A Good Weekend


Just when I thought life couldn't get better (golf season starts) -- it did. My most local casino opened a new poker room replacing their old low-limit blackjack tables. Guess what, all low limit, all the time. Games range from 2-4 to 6-12 and 1/2 NL. 12 tables of fun, on this side of the border. No more bridge fees, customs officers, nothing. After golf on Friday night, headed out to check the room out for a short sit. In 2 hours I had made $80 profit at 2-4, which is pretty good. Soft game, horrible players who hang on too long and raise on nothing (BLUFF!), all you guys who play poker well appreciate how good it sounds.

Saturday morning went to golf, as usual, and had a reasonable time -- couple bad holes with a lot of good ones -- the game is coming around. Then headed to the casino again for a little bit more 2-4 action. Unfortunately this time I had AA busted by a guy with J-9o who called my preflop raise and sucked out trip jacks. Bah such is low limit hold-em I accept that. I actually played one hand exceedingly badly -- which is pretty unusual for me these days.

I have A-6 in BB and get a free flop. Flop comes down A-8-2 rainbow -- problem is we had freaking 7 players in and therefore I was outkicked 95% of the time. Did i fold? no. In fact, I bet out. Why? I dont know... i'm stupid sometimes. Turn was a blank, I checked, a bet to my right and we're down to 3 -- i called that too since my opponents were rediculous players and the pot was pretty big and i'm stupid. River was a 8, i check called. Guy in 7 shows FULL HOUSE 2's over 8's. Guy to my right has... ACE SIX... HAAHAHAHA, what sort of idiot would play ace six all the way down to the river? Oh wait, thats what I have too. ;) I didnt show -- too embarassed.

Stupid, moronic, dumb. Down 40 for the day since I really had bad cards and bad luck -- putting aside that abismal hand. Even when the top pair jacks paired against my aces I still called down. Why? because I wasnt thinking. Another hand my QJ lost to AQ with Q top pair. Just wasnt my day and i wasnt playing well.

Sunday was more golf. 3 double bogeys shooting 79... outside of those blowup holes that's pretty decent shooting tex. No poker as I didnt want to appear HOOKED. Lost $20 on skins at golf where i lipped out for a 2 on a par 4 after I drove the green and someone tied my birdie... DOH.

Fortunately, now that the casino with Low Limit poker is only 5 mins from the office so when it rains and I can't golf.. thats where i'm goin. Up $20 gamblin bucks and a lot of fun on the weekend -- life is good. :)

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