Thursday, April 21, 2005

Wednesday Night At Casino Niagara 2/4

Another night at the tables, actually more like evening. With the casino literally 2 minutes from my office, and rain falling on my golf course, it was time for some B&M action baby, yeaaah. I've got to say, I do enjoy the B&M more than the online poker -- there's something about having real people around a table and real chips that gives it a slight edge in fun-factor. That is not to say that it's more profitable -- WAAYYYY less hands per hour -- but it is a good time.

So, 2/4 it was. I dont know what it is about B&M poker, but i seem to get either really great hands or really crappy ones and none in between. These are literally all the hands I got to play outside of a BB check/flop fold.

-I have A-Qo in my first hand in the BB and call a raise. Flop misses me but puts a pair on the board. I check, there's a bet and raise and I fold.

-I have J-9o in the SB, i chip in the extra chip to see the flop and I pick up top two pair. Nothing scary happened and I won.

-I have A-Ko UTG and raise, 3 callers (button and blinds). Flop misses me entirely, checked to me I bet, called. Turn is a blank, bet in SB, I call (I think SSH recommends raise in retrospect). River gives me nothing, SB bets, BB raises, and I fold. Missed the flop and didnt cost me much to draw -- meh.

-I have KK in LP, raise it up. 3 to the flop. All undercards, no draws on the board. I bet, both call (i put them on K or ace high draws -- yes, loose). Turn is Ace (damn!), checked to me and I check (I suppose the tricky bugger was trying to checkraise me -- haha free card losers!). River is a blank and again they check to me (what the hell? passive but I still knew he had an ace). I check. I show my cowboys, he flips his ace-3 or some rediculous kicker. Some may say I should have bet this turn / river... these guys would have called it anyways... that was the read. Only way to knock one out would be to make him call 2 cold and nobody was betting for me to raise. I took my showdown for nothing -- call me cheap.

-Last hand, I have KK in MP2, re-raise a raise from a LA-A - 3 callers. Flop has a K and two undercards, I bet all call. Turn is a blank, I bet one call two folds. River is another blank. I bet, called. Of course I win this one.

Session felt like only an hour or so, but was really 3 or 3.5 hours. In that time, I finished $9 ahead. That's right, $9. Then paid $8 for parking on the way out -- free parking sign?!?!? and took my loonie home. Oh well, cheap entertainment right?

No marginal calls tonight, just bet, raise or fold... wasnt even difficult. Thing is, the difficult plays make the game interesting.

Today's nice, going to the course after work unless that changes. The great thing is, now even when it rains i've got something fun to do. I LOVE IT.

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